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Royal Pavilion Camps welcomes you to the land of the Royal Rajputana where the possibilities are endless and making memories are countless. Located amidst the Sam Sand Dunes, this camps in Jaisalmer is all set to let you feel the rich and royal taste of the Golden City of India. No doubt you have made the correct choice of selecting Jaisalmer for your desert camping experience. More than this, choosing the Royal Pavilion Camp for budget camps in Jaisalmer is like a golden ticket to the next level of camping memories for you!

We offer you a well-curated luxury camps in Jaisalmer which will open your doors for a bunch of new experiences in your life like camel safari, dunes bashing, stargazing, and what not! Just hold on your breath and make the best out of all your opportunities here.

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The Spirit of the Desert

Royal Pavilion Camps is one of the best camps in Jaisalmer for a full range of unforgettable experiences. A collection of meticulously planned luxury tents is ready to provide you with a completely picturesque experience. With a large courtyard in the center and porch areas connected to the tents, your camping experience will undoubtedly be fantastic, particularly on breezy nights.

Our Desert Camps in Jaisalmer offer camel safari, jeep safari, quad biking, candlelight dinner on dunes, and even folk performances in the evenings which is just a perfect way to end your day.

Royal Pavilion Camps offers affordable luxury to its guests. With lots of add-ons and alterations, this desert camp is your perfect pocket-friendly holiday stay destination. Set along as a cluster arrangement, these luxury tents are classified into two categories as Maharaja Camps and Maharaja Suites. Apart from this, our tour packages include a traditional welcome, buffet meals, cultural programs, and many more.

Activities that will stay with you for alifetime

A hub to various adventure activities in Jaisalmer sam dunes, this place has been a welcoming spot for its adventure enthusiasts. Activities like camel safari and jeep safari are the most famed activities in the desert of Jaisalmer. Camel safari in Jaisalmer is an exceptional experience in itself, offering an opportunity to voyage around the remote villages of the desert land. For its adventure freaks, jeep safari in Jaisalmer is a perfect option.

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